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A photo of artist Lily Koto Olive set against a forest and waves.

Artist statement:

I am nature, you are nature, we are nature.

My work is inspired by cosmology and psychology.  I place personal emblems in imagined spaces to create my own mythology and symbolic narrative. The four elements are present, their symbolic meanings explored and incorporated into the narratives. Visual images represent spiritual ascension and collective unconsciousness, creating interior psychological landscapes.

Mysterious enviroments evoke a feeling of quiet isolation, a metaphor for struggle and self discovery. My own personal experience battling and overcoming an extremely serious illness produced out of body, otherworldly sensations. I visually convey my desire for trancendence from those situations through meditative spaces that prompt self-reflection.

These landscapes reveal inner consciousness and dream-like visions that are presented as the perceived reality. Color, form and content work to build environments that explore interior spiritual spaces intersecting with exterior Sublime nature. Sublime naturalistic landscapes with phantasmagorical atmospheres resonate the ideas behind the Sublime; indescribable moments of extreme passions. These atmospheres are brought into figuration as well, creating bodies that exist as landscapes in and of themselves. A sense of stillness infuses the work and allegorical narratives are imparted through visionary scenes.

My recent work explores color harmonies and compositional elements to investigate the push and pull of chaos and balance. Narratives range from spiritual to personal, capturing the emotions of what it feels like to deeply explore the vessels of our fragile human bodies. Personal iconography is used to represent strength, struggle, and triumph.

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